Monday, 12 December 2016

Daily Style: Halloween Pumpkin

I know it's nearly December but i want to post about my Halloween meet up! 

I had a small meet at my house for Halloween, where I wore a Halloween themed coord. 
We had vegetarian jelly, cookies and tea! 

Here is some of my decorations! 

And the table!


JSK, headdress, hair bows, over skirt: all made by me 
Here is a better picture of the spider I used for the fascinator and bows I made:

Blouse, shoes, socks: second hand

And a little make up video! (make up and coord videos can be found on my instagram too! @mrsw0nka )

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Daily Style: Cat Salopette

During the summer i went to a local Lolita meet up at someones house, they made loads of cakes and it was so cute and cosy there. I wore my Infanta Cream Cat salopette because it was soooo hot, it was really nice to wear something a little more casual but still cute!

Some of the lovely cakes that the host made!

And a little make up video: 


Salopette: Infanta cream cat 

Blouse: second hand

Wig; eBay

Hair accessories: Winged clip, MeltyChocolateMoon, cat ears eBay, Meowchi clips Tasty Peach Studios, Pink star second hand. 

Jelly shoes: eBay 

Socks: eBay  

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Cosplay Progress: Mei from Overwatch

I have been wanting to start an Overwatch cosplay, since the game came out, but i was unsure whether to do D.Va or Mei. Considering D.Va just wears a  skin tight suit that i probably can't make myself, i decided on Mei. 

Mei is quite a big task, she has her gun and tank weapon props, and i have to make a coat - which i haven't before... I have made props before and they turned out really good so I think i can do the props anyway.

I found some things to start with at a charity store, i went looking for random things i can use for the props. 
I have some good gloves as a base, i got the plastic bird feeder that i used as the barrel of the gun, some fluffy boots i can use as a base for the boots and a plastic tube i can maybe use. Oh and also some white and blue sheets to use for the coat. (plus some awesome trainers and nautical fabric)

I bought some FIMO clay to make the hairpin and charm that Mei wears.
Here i was drawing out what parts I need to cut out of the blue foam that i bought at a local building supplies shop. The grey foam tube was also from the shop which was perfect for the gun too.
Cut out the parts i need and trace them on to the foam to cut out.
I cut the plastic bird feeder to length (it was really difficult to saw!)
I bought a polystyrene ball for the top of the hair pin, but I used an old paintbrush as the pin part. 
I did a layer of glue on the foam to strengthen it. 
Here i had cut out the flask that Mei has in her holster.
I cut out more from the bird feeder for the front silver parts of the gun.
I spent a day or two just building up the layers of the gun and different parts of it.
Here i started the base shape of the tank.
I also bought a long cardboard tube from the building shop, i cut two different lengths for the bottom and top of the tank. 
I coated the gun and flask in paper and glue to strengthen it and hopefully smooth out any bumpy surfaces from the foam. 
That is as far as i have come so far, cutting the foam is really hard work and making my wrists hurt really bad. I can't do too much of it in one day :(
I have some see through acetate sheets i am hoping to use for the tank since it is see through, i'll see how it goes.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Daily Style: Vanilla Chan for KPP

Last month i traveled back to London to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu live!
It was so amazing and she was stunning and perfect in every song!
This was my outfit for the day, I went to the War Museum first where I got people trying to take photos of me...
A few photos from the war museum

and a lot of photos from the concert!
Me after the show with a young fan cosplaying KPP from Fashion Monster. 
The concert was so amazing, it's fun reading about it afterwards aswell with KPP saying that she was surprised with how loud English people are at concerts! She was also very amused when the croud started singing "ooii ooii" (however is best to exaplin the noise people make sometimes at clubs/concerts) she copied us after the song had finished and laughed!
The original outfit plan for the concert, but i couldn't get the cat fascinator to fit on my head properly, i need pigtails or something bigger for it to grip onto. 
Sock decisions...
 Bag decisions...


Jsk: Vanilla Chan replica - i know some people hate replicas but there is not way i can afford to spend like 300 dollars on one peice of clothing... 

Blouse: reconstructed by me 

Accessories and wig: eBay, second hand

Shoes and socks: second hand